Confections (adorned)

Amy Stevens could not stop wondering about the artistry and precision of beautifully made cakes and at the same time about absurdity of the celebration of birthdays, festive colors and rules. For this reason the artist made a plan to bake 30 cakes for her 30th birthday and photograph them.

Amy Stevens (USA)

Amy Stevens (USA) “Confections (adorned)”

Amy didn’t make it to 30 cakes at that time, but she was inspired to continue the series. She ordered a cake decorating kit online and watched instructional videos. She quickly discovered her cakes were never going to look like the ones in the video and the pamphlet. Cake making, like any other art form, requires practice, and great patience. After failed attempts, it seemed her quest for the perfect cake was not within her realm of talent. Although disappointed, Amy Stevens did not stop baking and instead of being one-time project it turned into eight years ongoing photographic project. Amy Stevens portraits a bit slanted, synthetic colors handmade cakes fitted on fancy trays, often in the same intensity as the old-fashioned fabric backgrounds. All of that creates jolly, ironic pictures criticizing the psychosis, the bad taste and our desperate efforts to implement mindless things that accompanies almost all celebrations.

Amy Stevens (USA) "Confections"

Amy Stevens (USA) “Confections”

Amy Stevens

(b. 1975) has grown in Arizona and New Mexico. She graduated in Photography from Arizona State University, and master degree in Tyler School of Arts in Philadelphia. The artist has won a number of awards, grants, participated in art residencies programs, her works exhibited in the United States, Asia galleries.