Goodbye, Motherland

On Thursday, September 12 d., 5:30 PM, KAUNAS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY opens an exhibition of Andrei LIANKEVICH (Belarus) “Goodbye, Motherland”.

Andrei Liankevich is the Winner of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2012 portfolio competition.
This exhibition is the main prize of the portfolio competition, brought to the artist by KAUNAS PHOTO festival, KAUNAS PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY, with a support from EPSON and FineArtPrint.LV.

Exhibition open until September  29 d. Gallery hours: Tue-Fri – 11.00-18.00, Sat-Sun – 11.00-17.00. Free entrance.

Andrei Liankevich_Motherland

© Andrei Liankevich “Goodbye, Motherland”

This exhibition is a compex journey of the photographer through his own reflections about the impact of the war on his country, Belarus. Minsk, the capital of the country has 50% street names relating to war. The Belarusian national holiday is the day of the commemoration of the end of the war. Exhibition mixes iconographic imagery, family pictures, cartographic images, memories, imagination and contemporary images that make a proof of war being the most central point of departure of contemporary Belarusian lifestyle.

The motives of sufferings of the family of Andrei Liankevich in this exhibition remind that suffering makes the currency of the war, the status of which is similar to that of a religion.

During the exhibition opening, Andrei Liankevich will be signing copies of his previous book, “Pagan”.


© Andrei Liankevich “Goodbye, Motherland”

Exhibition is printed with the help of   EPSON  and  FineArtPrint.LV