Dancing Teas

Fred Boucher "Dancing Teas"

Fred Boucher “Dancing Teas”

Not far from the church, in the very centre of town, a banquet hall with misted windows enjoys the play of accordion. As soon as one enters the hall, familiar, but already forgotten melodies from the childhood, well-known songs and shining faces of the dancers appear. Yes, it’s grandparents’ dancing. But not only that – also a sense of belonging, meetings and changes, memories of the past time. Photographer and writer carefully capture the unfolding dance hall stories – here one recharges energy that is sufficient for up to a meeting next week.

The work of visiting the dancing teas was carried out together with a writer Denis Dormoy in the period of time between 2008 and 2010. The book entitled “Thes Dansants” has been published in 2011.

Fred Boucher

Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Photographie in Arles, France in 1986, Fred Boucher is now teaching photography at the Ecole Nationale Superiore de l’Art et Design in Amiens, France. He is the co-director of the photographic center of Picardy, the  “Diaphane” association. Since 2004, the association has been organizing the annual festival of photography “Photaumnales”.

In his creative projects, Fred Boucher explores different issues of contemporary French society with the means of medium format camera and color photography. Most often exploiting the documentary style, sometimes he’s experimenting with the staged photography.

Since 2001, he’s been interested in 360° photography and its possibilities.