Checkpoint 2012-

Raimondas Pocius_Durys [464x1200]

Raimondas Pocius “The Door”

Party photography hasn’t been a unique subject, but Raimondas Pocius’ strategy is a bit different – he’s bringing the doors into the party places. Moreover, the door is photographing! Instead of the peephole, it has a fish-eye lens and a usual digital camera built, and instead of the door bell there is a remote control installed. In the public spaces, the doors become a sort of public photo booth, where everyone has a possibility to take a picture by pressing “the bell”. Even though the shots done in this way do not pretend to be artistic, the main thing is interactivity of the process, i.e. the birth of the picture, as well as the captured atmosphere which is perfectly reflecting relaxed mood of those being photographed: they play, kiss or even strip in front of the camera. The title “Check Point” implies that these shots are kind of “the last glance into the mirror” before the party starts. These self-portraits (authored by Pocius) is a perfect reflection of social behavior, illustrating our unnatural behavior in front of the camera, knowing one is being photographed, and the typical behavior before entering the party.

The series (called “Door bell” for some time) indicates – We’re here – let’s celebrate!

Photography enters the game even before the Party starts.




Raimondas Pocius

Born in 1990, Raimondas Pocius was involved in the project „LT-1000” in 2009. Since 2012 he is photograher for  news portal. In 2012, he graduated Vilnius College of Technologies and Design. In 2011, his first solo exhibition „Postcards from Tartu“ was shown in Kaunas Scouts’ Centre. In 2012, the works by Raimondas Pocius were exhibited in a group show “Debiutas” at Prospektas Gallery in Vilnius.

Raimondas Pocius (LT) "Checkpoint" @Insanitus_64

Raimondas Pocius (LT) “Checkpoint” @Insanitus_64