From zero to three

Szabolcs Barakonyi (H)

Szabolcs Barakonyi (H) “From 0 to 3”. Abigel’s 3rd birthday party

To have a child is one of the most sublime commitments in human life. But beyond the miracle there looms another world which can also be a lot of everyday fun. Parents are trying to find their place and role therein. They all want to enjoy themselves and they tend to show off their cute little offspring. It goes without saying that their life is turning around her or him, nevertheless, this effort itself brings about strained, unnatural moves. Moments fraught with uncertainty, enthusiasm, self-justification, insecurity, loving kindness and arrogant pride – all these inextricably together in the young parents’ soul.

Szabolcs Barakonyi (H)

Szabolcs Barakonyi (H) “From 0 to 3”. Lora’s 2nd birthday party. 2010


A child is born and one wakes up in an absolutely new world of which he or she had no idea. All of a sudden time is structured by family reunions, birthday parties, picnics with fellow parents and their babies, fancy-dress balls one after the other without the slightest relief. At first sight it it seems no more than the parents’ desperate urge to come up with programs but when we consider these events with a little bit more empathy we can’t help seeing in them the genuine celebration of life.

Szabolcs Barakonyi (H)

Szabolcs Barakonyi (H) “From 0 to 3”. Boris’ 8th birthday party. 2010

Szabolcs Barakonyi

Born in 1976, in Budapest, Hungary. Lives and works in Budapest.

After graduating from high school, in 1995 Barakonyi joined the staff of Gömb TV as cameraman. In 1997 he completed the photography course at the Szellemkép Free School. Since 1998 he has been working as a became a photo journalist. Since 2001 he has been a member of the Young Photo Artists’ Studio.

He is a recipient of numerous grants and awards, such as recipient of a Pécsi József scholarship (2003-2006), Lucien Hervé and Rodolf Hervé Grant, NKA André Kertész Grant (2011). In 2007 at the Recontres des Arles festival he was presented with the Photo Service Publishing Award, and in He has exhibited his photos in festivals, art fairs and museums around the world, including the “Month of Photography” in Lodz, Krakow and Paris. His works are in photographic collections of Chateau d’Eau (Toulouse, France) and Miskolc Gallery (Miskolc, Hungary).