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On the Edge

with Aleksandr Glyadyelov (UA)

Kaunas, April 12-14, 2013

Aleksandr Glyadyelov (UA)

Aleksandr Glyadyelov (UA) “Street Children”

Under guidance of the internationally celebrated photographer Aleksandr Glyadyelov (Ukraine), participants of the Masterclass will have an opportunity of a unique 3 day practice of shooting on location in the so called “difficult” Kaunas suburbs, facing the street and private situations, visualize the eventual social conflicts and work on production of a series. Participants will produce individual projects under the same constraints as a professional assignment, but with daily review and editing sessions within the group.

This first KAUNAS PHOTO Masterclass will be taught in the working atmosphere of the Kaunas Photography gallery and Photographers’ association office. Prior to the Masterclass, each accepted applicant will be sent specific directives from Aleksandr Glyadyelov to help prepare for the experience. The Masterclass aims to help improve the skills of formation of a photographic story, handling difficult subjects, visual literacy, and development of a personal vision.

Aleksandr Glyadyelov (UA)

Aleksandr Glyadyelov (UA) “Street Children”

“…a group of street kids promised to show me the place where they spent their nights. I photographed the children over the next month until, without warning, they changed sleeping quarters, and I lost them. I met them again two years later, only to lose them after three days. Some of these images are spontaneous; others are the result of endless research. The rest are the product of long-lasting, trusting relationships. Photographs can reveal pain, which I search for, even while I wish it did not exist.” (Aleksandr Glyadyelov)

Aleksandr Glyadyelov

was born in Legnitz, Poland, in 1956, into the family of a Soviet Army officer. Since 1974, he has lived in Kiev.  He studied optics at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, graduated in 1980. Having studied photography independently since the mid 1980’s, he began working as a professional freelance photojournalist in 1989. Glyadyelov has traveled frequently throughout the former Soviet Union working on projects in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kyrgyztan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, and the United States. He covered the armed conflicts in Moldova (where he was wounded), Nagornij Karabakh, and Chechnya. Since 1996-1997, Glyadyelov has concentrated on long-term documentary photography projects: socially deprived children and the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

Awards: The Grand-Prix of Ukrpressphoto-97; Hasselblad Prize at the European Photography contest in Vevey (Switzerland) in 1998; Mother-Jones 2001 Medal of Excellence (USA); “Moving Walls 2002” OSI, NYC.

Aleksandr Glyadyelov (UA)

Aleksandr Glyadyelov (UA) “Street Children”

Requirements for Masterclass participants:

The series of KAUNAS PHOTO Masterclass is aimed at photographers who are dedicated to pushing their own personal photographic boundaries.

No more than 12 students will form the group of both professional and amateur photographers. Masterclass requires participants to arrive ready to work hard and to take their photography to a new level. Although organisers do not want to discourage beginning photographers from participating, they want to emphasize that “On the Edge” Masterclass is designed for advanced photographers, and students who are required to submit samples of their work for review before being accepted.

Participants are expected to arrive prepared to produce and edit their projects digitally with their own laptops. One Mac station will be available during the Masterclass but we prefer that students bring and work on their own laptops. Students must bring their own digital cameras. For those students who would like to shoot film, they may do so but must have all film developed at their own cost and on the required deadlines.

The main working language is English. Lithuanian, Russian can serve as backup languages.

Registration deadline: April 10, 2013

The tuition fee is 145 EUR not including travel, meals and accommodation. Applicants must submit a 50 EUR non-refundable application fee that will be credited towards the final tuition. Lithuanian participants are expected to pay in Lithuanian Litas (173 LTL application fee and 500 LTL total tuition fee).

Administrative leader of the Masterclass – Gintaras Česonis.

Additional information, application form and payment info: +370 33 321145, kaunasart(at)